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100% Plant-based & Vegan Potato Protein (Sustainable Baking Book 2)


Revision Note: The main recipe for the macarons is simplified, easy to make, and with fewer ingredients. There are two versions of the main recipe; one with French meringue and the other one with Italian meringue.


This book will guide you through how to use the existing, readily available ingredients to make plant-based pastries. This book aims to teach the next generation of pastry chefs, pastry lovers, and enthusiasts that it is possible to produce high-quality dairy-free desserts.


A patisserie book full of fresh new ideas and techniques for making plant-based macarons. It will change your perception of making this classic, iconic French pastry without the presence of its traditionally most essential ingredients: eggs and dairy products.


The book features many recipes that can be used as elements in a pastry product. It also includes a versatile gluten-free flour mix recipe. All recipes are 100% dairy-free, gluten-free and less sugar.

The Green Macarons : Revised Edition EBook

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